Memorial Day Weekend Paint-a-palooza

Having a long weekend really helped me get a few things done including a couple painting projects I had been putting off a long time.

(1) Paint my filthy, ugly side door to my garage.

(2) Paint the top of the concrete retaining wall leading to the basement.

I started at Sherwin Williams and picked up a strip of colors I had a hunch would (1) go well with my roof and trim- for the door- AND (2) would look good with concrete- for the retaining wall.

I took it home, picked one and went back for a quart.  Lucky me, they were having a 30% off sale.  I picked "Perfect Greige" which is a warm gray with brown undertones.



It's hard to see in the sunlight but you can see how chippy the paint was.  Before i painted it, I knocked off as much loose paint as I could.


I should have taken a close up of the door as it looks inoffensive from here.  It was so dirty that after a major scrubbing I could see that there was dirt on it permanently. Ew.  Also, don't mind the bent siding- the ground shifted and now I can't get the darned thing back into place.

I put two coats on both the door and the wall and everything turned out great.  I just used a big brush- no roller.  I may repaint my front door with this color, too; I'm still thinking about it.


This has really helped to warm up and clean up the backyard.

In other news this weekend, my favorite guy on the planet (mr. husband) used an a/c recharge kit to get the car blowing cold air again.  Thank GOODNESS because it was 90 degrees the other day and the air it was blowing was lukewarm.  This is an especially bad scenario because the car has black leather seats.

The kit from the store was $45 (including the pressure gauge and cooling refill) and I get a $10 gift card as rebate.  I figure doing it ourselves saved around $100.  The car is 12 years old so it was only a matter of time.

It feels good to get things done.  What have you accomplished recently?