Me and 2014

Ah, a New Year.  Finally a chance to do everything I've ever meant to do!  Well, maybe I'll stick with just a few of those things.

It's bitterly cold out here in Chicagoland but inside I'm starting to plan out my year.


  • Paint the retaining wall below the railing I fixed
  • Re-Paint my front door a new color & treat/fix/paint/stain my other front door (yea, I have 2 because of the weird orientation of my house)
  • Help my husband organize and decorate his office; all the trim needs to be painted, too
  • Get my crap together- photos, memories, paperwork, accounts, computer, etc - get it all organized and backed-up
  • Plant a lot more perennials


  • Train for a spring half marathon using the Galloway Method to help my pace.  I've done two other half marathons but didn't train for them properly.
  • Train for a fall marathon????? I started doing this last year and got burned out.  I'm hoping the Galloway method helps me maintain commitment.
  • Integrate cross-training more.  I used to bike all the time.. I need to do it more; maybe add Spin during these winter months.
  • Reduce my sugar intake.  I don't ever want to live in a world without cookies but a recent major cavity and new crown has me wary of all the sugar I'm eating.  Oh yeah, and it is AWFUL for my health.


  • Set-up my first investment account - our early retirement money to get us through early retirement to when we can start withdrawing from the 401k (about 10-12 years)
  • Plan a cost effective 10th anniversary trip
  • Switch to an MVNO for our cell phones- I need to wait until closer to our contract renewal in September to lessen the early termination charge impacts with our current provider

We did make one major improvement already- we cancelled cable!  We are the proud new owners of a digital antenna.  We also have Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime as well as a Roku, so we should be good.


Happy New Year, Everyone!  What do you have in store for yourself this year?