Silly Door

It is really crazy how long I'll keep things on my to-do list. I painted my living room/dining room combo two or three years ago.  There is a coat closet in there that is a normal 6 panel door but was a terrible tan fake-wood color.  It didn't go with anything and was right next to our real wood "front" door (we have 2 front doors, the one in the kitchen and one on the other side of the house that doesn't get used because it leads to nowhere).

painting a door.JPG

So, while I had the white semi-gloss out to paint my kitchen window, I slapped 3 coats on this sucker, too!  I decided not to prime it, I don't know why.  Either way I would have needed 3 coats. 

painting a closet door.JPG

As usual, things never look good until they are DONE being painted.  I started with the 6 panels and, before doing the flat parts, I checked for drips that often form when painting corners and coves like this.  By the way, I removed the hardware first because that is the only logical thing to do. 

finished pained closet door.JPG

And here is the finished product!   Much cleaner and nicer.  Don't mind the crooked cinnamon broom.

Have a great weekend!