How Does Your Garden Grow? - August/September 2013

I've been a little lazy about my yard lately and it shows.  Still, there are a few fun things happening to close out the season.  Yes, the season is almost over! 

September means the flowers start to fade and the leaves start to fall.  The lawn stops growing as fast and the squirrels are hiding fruits and nuts for winter. 

mini boo pumpkin

Fall also means pumpkins!  My pumpkin plant has had a really disappointing yield this year.  The photo above is my ONLY pumpkin!  It is still growing and I really hope it turns out okay so I can display it indoors. 


The goldenrod is also in bloom- finally.  My goldenrod is enormous and crazy.  It is going all over the place and taking over the plants around it.  I'm thinking of moving it to a different location in late October/early November.

fall planter

I have 2 planters outside my door, each of which are being switched over to their fall display which consists of two mums and one purple fountain grass.  Long after the weather turns to winter, I will leave the fountain grass.  It dies, of course, but looks lovely all winter, giving shape and the resemblance of life where there is none.   

My other planter has the mums but I'm holding off on the fountain grass because my bell pepper plant is going absolutely nuts. Early in the season, all my peppers had blossom end rot.  However, all the new ones from the past few weeks are crazy gorgeous.  I made stuffed peppers the other night because I have so many! 

planter with peppers.JPG
bell peppers

Aside from that, there are some August/September flowers blooming.  The rest of the year will be slow in the garden.  In October, I will trim back everything that has died and I will lay mulch to keep the roots warm.   I love tucking the garden in for winter.  The quiet time means I get to head indoors and focus on the warmth of the holidays and, after that, planning what I want to do in the garden next year!

shasta daisy
black eyed susans