How Does Your Garden Grow? September 2013

Phew... posting this September garden update a couple hours before it turns October! My September garden had a couple surprises!

bell pepper plant.JPG
bell pepper harvest.JPG

I had QUITE the bell pepper harvest.  Huge, beautiful peppers.  I brought a lot to work to give away.  I've found that peppers are so easy to grow and, even if you only yield a couple peppers, it's paid for itself.   There are a few more peppers lingering on the plant but I noticed today that the leaves are drooping.  It has been cold at night so I think it is time for one last harvest.

september strawberries.JPG

Yes, those are strawberries in September.  There are actually quite a lot of them but they are all green-ish white.  I'm really hoping they turn red before the first frost!  


My neighbor had a couple dead trees cut down and now he has the logs stacked up in his backyard.  I have been dying to make a log side table and there are a couple that are the perfect size.  If I see him, I may ask if I can take one.  As if it would be easy for me to just pick it up and take it away. 

drought hydrangea.JPG
drought hydrangea bloom.JPG

I planted this hydrangea plant right around the time our drought started this summer. Poor thing, it suffered so badly.  The leaves pretty much just burned.  We've gotten some rain lately, though, so new buds are growing and I got this one lovely bloom.  I hope it makes it through the winter and gets the benefit of a wet spring. 

goldenrod bee.JPG

Oh yeah, the bees have been loving the heck out of my goldenrod.  They are getting all fat and happy.  I like seeing them. 

fence flowers.JPG

These were growing randomly along my fence.  I have no idea what they are. 

colorful berries.JPG

These are growing along my back fence.  I assume they are not for eating but they sure are pretty!  They somehow made a rainbow. 

sept flowers 1.JPG
sept flowers 2.JPG
sep flowers 3.JPG

It is a beautiful time of year.  Happy fall! 

Anyone else finding any late season surprises in their garden?