Fall Food

Ah, harvest time.  I made a couple seasonal dishes this weekend.  My CSA box keeps including a ton of different squash in it but, I didn't do anything with them (all I can think to do with acorn squash is maybe soup??).  I did  get a beautiful delivery of cherry tomatoes from my neighbor and I can think of plenty of things to do with them.

cherry tomatoes.JPG

Kris eats exactly five of them with his egg white omelet at breakfast each morning.  They are great in salads, too.  But, on Sunday night, I made this amazing recipe from Smitten Kitchen for baked feta and tomato.  I've made this one a few times before and I always love it.  I didn't have any parsley but I had everything else on hand- making this a pretty cheap meal.

feta tomatoe bake.JPG

I used multi-grain pita crackers from Trader Joe's for dipping (the feta gets very soft in the oven). 

I also made a fun cream cheese pumpkin bread with cinnamon glaze with this recipe (thanks, Pinterest!).  I messed up a little, though.  I forgot to fold in the pecans to the bread batter and realized it before I put it in the oven.  So I did what any normal person would do and dumped the nuts on top and then stabbed them into the batter.  I couldn't just mix them in because this bread has 3 layers (bread, cream cheese, little bread).  When it is all baked, a cinnamon glaze goes on top and then a sprinkling of more pecans.  Nom.

pumpkin cream cheese pecan bread.JPG
pumpkin cream cheese bread.JPG

So, I had a delicious time this weekend.  Anyone know recipes for a bunch of weird kinds of squash?  I have maybe 6 kinds and there are only two of us.  And Kris doesn't like squash.  I just might leave them out as decoration!