State of the Wallet: August 2013

I've had a couple monetary ups'n'downs since the July State of the Wallet.   Incidentally, Ups'n'downs was the name of my local roller rink growing up.  That really doesn't have anything to do with this.

Where was I? 

Okay, the ups! 

  • Still no debt except for my mortgage!
  • I got a $100 "Dinner Award" at work for closing out two big projects- this paid for our anniversary dinner!
  • After YEARS of asking for a raise because I was underpaid for my job, I was given an amazing  14% raise!!  Holy crap.  I didn't know that existed outside of Wall Street.
  • Have enough cash to take care of the downs below. 

And, the downs... 

  • Still have a $1300 car repair coming up
  • Had my fuel pump crap out while  I was driving yesterday so add on another $400-500 repair (thank you to AAA for "free" towing)
  • Still no emergency savings beyond what I need for the repairs.  I expect this to really ramp up in September.

I think this is really typical of life, right?  The good and the bad.  You can't expect perfection but you can prepare for eventualities. 

My upcoming goals are: 

  • Kris' 401K contribution needs to be moved to 10%
  • Kris' 401k needs reallocation to lower fee funds
  • Build my $5K-$10K emergency account

Happy money, everyone!