Finding History: Part 3

This is part of my Finding History series (Part 1 and Part 2) .

My garage is a total time warp.  I believe it hasn't changed much since the first occupants of the house moved in in 1970.  

There are some real gems!  I have a couple stacks of old lockers that were used as shelves/drawers under the workbench.  However, they are rusty and I'm scared to look inside them so I didn't even attempt a picture.  But there is a lot more, like... 

yogi bear sign.JPG

YOGI!  Sadly no pic-a-nic baskets but he is still quite colorful and cute.  Even if we renovate the garage one day, I'm sure I'll include him. 


modine heater.JPG

An enormous, hulking, ancient Modine heater.  I had the gas line disconnected before closing on the house because i don't like blowing up or inhaling CO.  Now it just hangs.  In silence.  Anyone want to buy it? 

united delco cabinet.JPG

I like this United Delco cabinet.  it is in good condition for its age.  i keep all kinds of gardening supplies in it.  I would keep this, too, in the event of a reno.   The inner shelves are a great blue color.

keysco tools pegboard.JPG

This is one of two Keysco Tools pegboards I've got.  The red has remained quite vibrant. 

garage rotary phone.JPG

Ring! Ring!  Don't you just love taking calls on your tan rotary phone with extra long curly cord in the garage.  You could just gab for hours! 

That's it for this tour.  Who else has some awesome things in their garage?