Final Touch

Since I started my kitchen redo on July 1st, I may as well finish the darned thing on July 31st.  It has  been a long journey.

This past weekend I FINALLY FINISHED.  The last thing on my list was to paint the window frame in the kitchen a glossy white.  

diy wood painting 1.JPG

I started with the oak window.  You can't really tell here, but the wood of the frame and the wood of the window casing, although the same color-ish, were very different in texture and quality.  Quite a bit of it really had been worn down to where it was barely shiny and some of it was stained. 

In addition, it no longer "fit" in my kitchen with the dark cabinets and the gray walls.  So, I wanted to paint it a semi-gloss white to match the other door and door trim in the kitchen.

I started by taping off around the window and hardware.   

cat help.JPG

My cat, The Drake, helped me start by painting the whole thing with Kilz primer.  Before I did this, I wiped the window frame and casing down with liquid deglosser.  The primer was intended to make the surface even better for the real coats of paint.  But, boy, does primer look ugly!

window primed for paint.JPG

Yikes.  At this point I was also realizing how tedious it was going to be painting all the little mouldings and around the hardware.  There are so many levels and nooks and crannies.  What ever happened to those English muffin commercials?  Mmmm, muffins.  

Anyway, after that I did two coats of semi-gloss white.  I use just the Benjamin Moore semi-gloss white base.  It is really hard to tell how it came out given the time of day I took the picture, but, here it is! 

painted window frame.JPG

I love how crisp and lovely it is.  It is easy to keep clean, too. 

I did have one setback, though.  When I peeled the painters tape off, paint came off the wall and a LOT of stain came off the counter ledge.  Exhibit A: 

peeled stain.JPG

Thank heavens I kept the piddly bit of stain leftover at the bottom of the can.  It was almost all dried up but there was a little pocket where it was still wet.  I was able to quickly re-stain this area and patch up the paint on the wall.   

And, with that, I'll call this a wrap.  For real.