Time For a Nap

Oh my gosh, I'm so tired, people.  My wrists barely work, I have sporadic numbness around my toes, and my quads are achey.  All from 8 long days of kitchen stuff- staining, painting, kneeling, up-and-down, leaning, reaching, oof.  How do people do this stuff for a living?  They must have built the right muscles. 

So, a little over a week ago I had this: 

before kitchen.jpg

I've finished *almost* everything on my to-do list.  I still need to paint my window frame/casing white and stain the wood veneer cabinet ends.  So here it is! 

after kitchen.jpg
after kitchen 2.JPG

Go me.  In a little over a week I: 

  • Took down all cabinet doors and removed hinges and knobs
  • Gave all cabinet doors (front and back), drawers, and casings a good cleaning and sanding, 3 coats of General Finishes Java Gel Stain (which I learned is basically stain suspended in polyurethane), and 1 coat poly.  Since the stain itself is a poly, I just did the 1 coat of clear coat.  If it starts to dull, I'll add another coat.
  • Soaked the hinges to clean them.  Then scrubbed them.  Then spray painted them using a Rustoleum primer & paint in one in an oil-rubbed bronze color. 
  • Re-installed cabinet doors and hardware.  My existing knobs were a classic shape and in good condition so I reused them and they look great!
  • Painted the walls with 2 coats of Silver Fox by Benjamin Moore.  I had almost a whole gallon left from another project so it not only was "free" but makes the colors in the house cohesive. 
  • Repainted the trim and interior of the front door with semi-gloss white.  The dog is rough on it. 
  • Removed the old vinyl baseboard by peeling/prying it off the wall and trying to get off any old glue, too. 
  • Used the old baseboard to cut the new baseboard so that I didn't have to remeasure. 
  • Installed the new vinyl base- this time in dark brown (the old white base yellowed) .  This was pretty easy- I just glopped on the adhesive mixture and stuck it to the wall.
  • Installed a new light fixture above the sink (well, Kris did most of this).
  • Painted the picture frames I had in white, put the art back in and re-hung (more on my favorite cheap art in another post soon). 
  • Cleaned everything and put everything back.  I reorganized a few things so that I could have less stuff on the counters since we realized that it is pretty nice to have counter space available. 

PHEW!  So worth it but you've got to be prepared and have the time available.  It was "cheap," too.  All in all I think it was around $250 for all the supplies and the light fixture.  

 Imma take a nap now.