Getting There...

Well, it has been a long week.  On Thursday, I finally felt like I could see the light at the end, even if there are quite a few things I still need to do.  

I have finished painting and staining.  Here is where I'm at: 

kitchen progress jave gel stain.JPG

Today I spray painted the old hinges using Rustoleum oil-rubbed bronze paint/primer with that awesome trigger bottle. 


Of course, these are BS (before spray).  This will save me around $150-$175 in buying new hardware since they are in perfect working order, just ugly.

Two nights ago, I put all of the hinges in a bucket with super hot water and dish soap.  The next morning I went and looked at the bucket and the water was the color of APPLE JUICE.  Ew. 

I scrubbed each hinge and left them out to dry outside.  They did dry but then by the time I had time to spray them, it started raining out.  So, today was their big day.  There are around 40-50 hinges and I had to use the entire bottle of paint to get them (mostly) covered.

Still remaining on my to-do list: 

  • Apply polyurethane to both sides (and the edges) of the cabinet doors
  • Install light fixture above the sink (Kris will do this because I'm scared of dying) 
  • Install base"board" (it's vinyl) 
  • Paint & stain touch-ups in a few little spots
  • Stain the laminate ends of the cabinet boxes (argh) 
  • Re-Install cabinet doors

Two other things I need to do that have an, as yet, undecided timeline are: 

  • Paint the frames of some art I had hanging to be pure semi-gloss white to match the door trim and to make them pop a little more on the newly gray wall (they are a light wood right now)
  • Decide what to do with the window frame/casing... I think we should paint the frame white and leave the casing as is but I think I need to live with it a short time.  The other option is to stain it, too, but I think that will make it too dark. 

I hope you all had a great 4th!  Dexter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer kept me company while I painted.