Sneaky Peeky

I'm still very much in the middle of things with the kitchen.  So far I have: 

  • Sanded down all the cabinet doors and boxes
  • Given the cabinet boxes 3 coats of stain and 1 coat of poly (done! except for the laminate ends of the cabinets, which I need to figure out- they aren't taking stain well and I think I need to sand them down more.) 
  • Given the back of the cabinet doors 3 coats of stain
  • Given the front of the cabinet doors 2.25 coats of stain (I got partway through the 3rd coat and realized that the cabinets were a tiny bit tacky from the 2nd coat- today was more humid.  I will finish staining Wednesday) 
  • Patched a hole in the ceiling above the sink (it still needs to be sanded and a 2nd coat of patching compound applied) 
java gel stain cabinets.JPG

So far, so good!   

I'm slightly behind schedule but I think I'll still be done before heading back to work on Monday.  Wednesday is my first day of painting and I'm hoping to get most of it done in one day.  There is a lot of cutting in but not a lot of wall.  I am bone tired, though.  At least I got disc 2 of season 7 of Dexter in the mail yesterday to get me through the day today.

Anyone doing anything for the 4th?  I think I'm gonna ride down to our town's parade.  Yay.