Biking in July

The weather here in Illinois has been phenomenal the past few days- upper 60s/low 70s, fluffy clouds, and lovely breezes. 

Kris and I took advantage of it on our bikes!  Late July in the Midwest is so full of life.  Wildflowers around every turn, cicadas buzzing in the air (although, RIP to the one Kris accidentally ran over), and families out in nature. 

allison woods des plaines river trail.jpg
allison woods des plaines river trail 2.jpg

Our trip was 18.5 miles up the Des Plaines River Trail- enough to sort of earn the hamburger and fries I had after.  At our turnaround in Allison Woods, we stopped for water, pretzels, and butt resting. 

On the way back, I wanted to stop and take some pictures.  There is a spot on the ride where you have to carry your bike over a set of railroad tracks (I always want to just start following the tracks so that I can maybe end up in Stand By Me).  At this spot is also a few electrical towers and a giant field of wildflowers.  The electricity hummmmmmms overhead.

des plaines river trail electricity.jpg

The wires and flowers stretch as far as the eye can see. 

for miles des plaines river trail.jpg
electric des plaines river trail

And I learned something, too.  There is an anti-fluoride-in-tap-water campaign and this article is a helpful primer.

It is only a matter of time before the goldenrod blooms and the breeze takes on a chill.  Then the warm colors of autumn will bleed into the leaves on the trees and fall to the forest floor. 

I hope everyone is having a beautiful summer!