Rest of the Year List

When I think about it, the year is pretty much over.  I mean, July is over.  I have plans a few weekends in August.  I want to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible in September.  October is already planned to be busy.  In November I'll probably spend every weekend freaking about what to eat on Thanksgiving.  Then it is Christmas.   

So, I have to carve out a little time to do some minor house updates before time runs out.  Here is my list: 

  • Paint that damned kitchen window
  • Paint the fake-y wood closet door in our living room the same semi-gloss white as the rest of our trim/doors
  • Paint the railing and retaining wall that leads out from our lower level utility room (the rail is rusting and the paint is chipping/old) 
  • Get the surround sound in the family room working (we have all the components, I think, and the last owner was an audiophile who'd installed speakers into the wall/ceiling for the tv)
  • MAYBE: If I save enough money, I may have the house replumbed.  Our old cast iron pipes are deteriorating from the inside and and close to going bad.  When we got a new water heater a couple months ago, the guys said it did not look good which corresponds to how badly our pipes deliver water in winter.  This will definitely get done, it's just a matter of when.  And I will obviously have to hire this out. 

My actual house "to-do" list is MUCH bigger than this, but this is all I can handle considering the year is already over.