Finding History: Part 2

This is part 2 of the Finding History series! 

There are many irritating things about buying an older home.  A 20 year old death-trap furnace.  Small closets and bathrooms.  Deteriorating plumbing.   100 amp electric panels that don't allow the toaster oven and microwave to be running simultaneously.

But, lucky for me, every previous owner of my house (there were at least two) did think to keep something that is actually really cool from when the house was built.  

house blueprints1.JPG

The original blueprints!  I found these stuffed in an old cabinet in the laundry room next to the installation manual for our fireplace (which was also installed when the house was built).  These blueprints are so cool.  The front windows of our house are different from the blueprint but everything else is the same. 

The blueprint has many pages with full details of all sides of the house and inside, too. 

house blueprints 2.JPG
house blueprints 3.JPG

I would love to frame these blueprints, perhaps in an IKEA RIBBA frame, as I am apt to do.   I looked up the architect and it appears s/he is no longer in business.  I guess that makes sense since construction began on my home in 1969.

I'm thinking they don't make blueprints like this today, do they? 

Anyone else have their hands on some old blueprints?  You'd think they would pop up more at flea markets.