How Does Your Garden Grow? - July 2013

In the last half of June, my garden really took off.  Most of my perennials got HUGE (especially compared to last year when we had a horrible drought).  They are still big, but the heat and humidity is starting to make some things a little bit limp.  The biggest victim is my lettuce...

lettuce in a planter.JPG

Unfortunately, the heat really waged war on it.  Not only did it bolt (as you can see in this picture) but a week or two later it all just collapsed.  Right now there is nothing in that pot.  I'm thinking of planting kale in it so that it lasts through fall. 

My mini boo pumpkin plant is doing alright... it's got a few flowers and I just love the little curlicues.

mini boo pumpkin plant.JPG

Quite a bit of my perennial flowers are blooming and looking lovely.

firework flowers.JPG
flowering echinacea.JPG

I got quite a few strawberries this year but me and the doggie ate all of them.  We snuck a few as treats every time we went out to the backyard.  They are an everbearing variety of strawberries so I'll probably get more in August.   

strawberries in a pot.JPG

The most exciting thing going on now is that my green bell peppers are starting to appear!  I love growing these because they are insanely easy to grow and they are pricey in the stores.  So, by buying a little bell pepper plant for the same price as a couple peppers, I can get many peppers.  Nom. 

growing bell peppers.JPG

My chicks'n'hens are multiplying like crazy, too.  My little hedgehog loves 'em. 


Happy summertime gardens to everyone!