Lamps a Lot

Besides my country kitchen cabinets driving me crazy, there was a wildly old, semi-painted, über-ugly light above our sink.

I took that crap down! 

lamp hole.JPG

What a gorgeous hole!  I mean, not as pretty as the Grand Canyon but, whatever.   

You won't believe the inside of the light. 

old light.JPG

Eww.  I'm certain that that couldn't be scorch marks on the insulation (or else the whole thing would have burned) so it must be mold??   That metal part that was the top of the light had been painted over multiple times.  There was even paint on the glass.  I guess some people just don't care.

My darling husband is the electrician for the family because electricity is scary.

He shut off the power for the house before doing any work.  Then we removed the old light. 

Putting the new light up was slightly trying- we had to get all the screws at the right heights for the electric box it had to attach to, which was old.  In addition, the new light had black and white wires but the box had a yellow wire ad a white wire with a black stripe.  Nothing a little googling couldn't handle.  Remind me to get my electricity re-wired one day.


new light.JPG

If I find the time and energy this weekend, I'm going to paint the window frame white.  Then one day I think I'll install a little shade to fit inside the frame.  Then things will really come together. 

By the way, I have to thank Lowes for this light because it is quite similar to all the lights at Schoolhouse Electric but, like, 25% of the cost.

Happy Weekend!