Artsy Fartsy

Some years ago, I was reading either Country Living or Real Simple.  There was an article about someone's kitchen redo and there was a retro print of different cheeses in a classic white frame.  I LOOOOVED it.  Then I read the little fine print- the frame was $20 from IKEA and the print was actually WRAPPING PAPER and was $4.  Whaaaat?  And this was for a sizable piece of art- 20x28"ish. 

cavallini cheese print.JPG

Oh lookie!  I have it too!  I'm such a copycat.  This is not the only printed wrapping paper that has received this treatment.  I have MANY more. 

fruits and vegetables cavallini print.JPG

OMG- fruits and vegetables! 

plumes cavallini print.JPG


animals cavallini print.JPG

French animals!  Ces't magnifique?  Or something.  I don't know French. 

usa cavallini print

There is even an old timey USA map.   

I told you I had a lot.  The frames are RIBBA from the aforementioned IKEA and come in white, black, brown, gray, and aluminun.  The prints are by Cavallini & Co.  They add new vintage print patterns all the time.  I'm just noticing a ton of gorgeous new ones- seashells, pasta shapes,  perfume bottles (for the powder room?), couches, garden, farm, space, bikes!  It just goes on and on.  I have a cool skeleton print I'm planning on busting out for Halloween.  You can buy the prints here,  Ack!  This is making me want to buy more and I don't need them.  Phooey.

So, for $24 plus tax/S&H on the prints, you have yourself some gorgeous new art.  You can easily switch out the prints every once in a while to change things up, too! 

Anyone else have any cheapo art tricks?