Kitchen, Get Ready

At the time of this posting, I am between coats of stain on my kitchen cabinets.  It has been a little more tedious than I had imagined. 

Prior to staining getting underway, I spent Saturday relocating everything on the counters and floor of the kitchen to our dining area. 

relocated kitchen.JPG

Fezzy was not too happy about it. 

While cleaning, I had some fun surprises.  Like this scene behind my oven where (1) no one ever bothered to paint before and (2) some old holes were COVERED WITH DUCT TAPE.  Seriously. 

behind the oven.JPG

I also found every bit of food that had ever dripped between the oven and the cabinets. 

food on the oven.JPG

On another gross note, I removed all the old vinyl wall base.  Here is a close up (gross up?) and the end of it.

gross vinyl wall base.JPG
pile of vinyl wall base.JPG

One of the least gross things I did was lay down rosin paper and tape it to the counters.  I had to be very careful because I have to stain the edges of the counters.  Because of this it took quite a long time to get it all right and make sure the tape was crisply applied. 

rosin paper painters tape.JPG

I also removed all the cabinet doors, knobs and hinges (except one that WILL NOT BUDGE).  At the end of the day, I had this: 

kitchen ready to go.JPG

So that was a pretty good start to the week.  I got almost everything done that I'd wanted to that day except cleaning the exteriors cabinets (did it Sunday morning instead) and patching the hole I have in the ceiling above the sink.  I just have to do that before I paint, so no rush.

Anyone wondering why I'm not interested in the open shelving look for my kitchen?   Yeesh, I don't know how people do it.