How Does Your Garden Grow? - June 2013

It has been a rainy spring and summer here in Illinois.  Last year was not only the first year I planted most of the perennials in my back yard, but it was also a drought.  Everything was either small or just plain old shriveled up by the end of last summer.

My how things have changed!


All of these pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago- things are much bigger now!  I will take more for a July update. 

This year I did a few things in the yard: 

  • Added more perennials to my backyard perennial garden, including my first hydrangea
  • Added more perennials to my front perennial bed because some things outright died in last year's drought
  • Planted "mini-boo" pumpin seeds in a big clay pot with a trellis (see left)
  • Planted lettuce, cilantro, bell pepper, basil and chives in pots
  • Planted these colorful annuals- whatever they're called
  • Cleaned up my strawberry pot- I have an everbearing variety that survived the winter just fine in the garage

Here is the early June backyard perennial garden (plus weeds).  It isn't looking too hot here but now everything is twice as big after these crazy June storms.


For frame of reference, this is what the backyard looked like when we bought the place.  You can see how unruly the tree was and there was no garden to speak of.  My insanely nice parents helped us delimb the bottom of the tree and, over the years, we've created and slowly expanded the size of the perennial bed underneath. 

first strawberry.JPG

This was the first strawberry of the year.  It was delicious! 


Who else is having fun garden times?  Anyone like weeding?  Because I hate it and it is like weeds KNOW I can't stand them.