Fall Decorating

I have a problem.

I guess in the range of problems that people can have, this isn't too bad but...

chest of pumpkins.JPG

... I really love fall.  I have way too many pumpkins.  This entire chest is filled with holiday goodies.  Not pictured here is a giant rubbermaid filled with other fall/Halloween decoration items. 

What I like abut this is that I never have to buy any of this stuff ever again.  I have everything I need! 

fall decor on display.JPG

I decided to go understated with my decorations this year.  I left a bunch of it in the chest.  Here I put maize in a vase.  

squash display.JPG

I got a LOT of squash from my CSA so I've been using it as some of my decor.  The teeny tiny pumpkin is the ONLY one that grew on my pumpkin plant this year. 

row of pumpkins.JPG

I put a bunch of pumpkins in descending order on a shelf.  i don't know; it was an experiment! 

Happy Fall, Everyone!