Pawsitively Clean Carpet

Okay.  I have not been paid to write this by Bissell.  I mean, why would they pay me to write something that an average of 3 people per day would view? 

In any case, I am now a big fan of the Bissell Pawsitively Clean rental vacuum.  Move over Rug Doctor! 

We've rented a Rug Doctor before and had Stanley Steamer over, too.  They were fine but not impressive.   We got the Pawsitively Clean at Petsmart after I'd read some good things about it.

Our carpet is (was) seriously gross.  Between cat barf, doggie accidents, and beer spills, it really showed its scars. 

carpet stains.JPG

You can see the stains all over- especially in the bottom right.  They were way worse in person.   The machine itself was cheap to rent.  It was $25 but I had a $5 coupon (plus $3 for "attachments" to clean our stairs).  You also have to buy the special cleaning liquid which was $18 but we still have enough left for a few more rentals.  So, next time we rent it will be under $30.  

bissell pawsitively clean.JPG

I didn't do the actual cleaning (thanks, darling!) but I came downstairs to check on the status often and it was crazy how you could tell the difference between the cleaned and still-dirty carpet.  The end result was that all the stains are GONE.  There are still a couple spots that still show wear and you may see a slight shadow where stains used to be, but it is about a million times better than where we started.  The waste water was truly disgusting and I didn't look at it long enough to take a picture.  You can thank me later.


The AFTER!: 


I would consider this to be a truly frugal expenditure.  Before we rented this thing, we were actually at Home Depot pricing new carpet.  Now with this thing, I can see keeping this carpet for many more years (despite its ugliness).   


Anyone else try this thing?